Terms & Conditions

If, on or after the commencement date of this membership, a person who is an Australian Resident, satisfies the eligibility criteria we will provide a funeral benefit of $5,000

The following terms have the meaning given to them in this section.

“Gainfully Employed and Gainful Employment” means employed and working for gain for a minimum of 15 hours per week or meets the eligibility criteria for “active” or "associate" class membership under the QRI Lifestyle constitution
“Insured Person” means a person who:

a.     Is an existing financial active or associate member of QRI Lifestyle

b.     Meets the eligibility criteria

c.     Under the age of 65 

d.    gainfully employed at the time of joining QRI Lifestyle


No claim will be payable where the direct or indirect cause of the claim is:
a.       Suicide
b.       attempted suicide or intentional self inflicted injury occurring at any time:
c.       due to circumstances in respect of which we have applied an exclusion to a member as a condition of acceptance of cover

You must notify QRI Lifestyle either by phone or in writing within ninety (90) days of a members passing that is if the beneficiary is to make a claim for the funeral benefit from QRI. If QRI is not notified within this time frame funeral benefit will not be paid.

We will only consider a claim if we are provided with a fully completed claim form together with all relevant evidence of the claim and all of the information and documentation that we request.
We are not responsible for any expenses incurred in providing the information and evidence related to a claim as required.
After we have received the fully completed claim form together with the related medical and other reports, we may require further assessments or investigations before we can fully assess a claim. These may include, but are not limited to:
a.        medical examinations
b.        functional capacity tests
c.        vocational assessments

Additionally, we may need information from third parties in connection with the claim for which we may require the members consent. If this consent is withheld we will not be able to assess or accept the claim.
Any additional assessments/investigations requested by us are undertaken at our cost.

After considering evidence relevant to a claim for a member, we will determine if the Event has occurred and such determination will be at our sole discretion.

Subject to the terms of this Policy, the maximum amount payable for a claim is $5,000

Any payments to be made under this benefit will be paid by cheque.

Cover will cease under this Policy on the earliest to occur of any of the following:
·       non payment of QRI Lifestyle membership fees
·       termination of membership with QRI Lifestyle
·       the member attains the maximum age of 65