QRI Lifestyle offers footy tipping competitions for NRL and AFL with a total prize pool of $2000 per code. The footy tipping competition is administered by a third party - currently, ESPN Footy tips and the members have to adhere to the rules governing footy tips by ESPN.

Entry is FREE for all full fee-paying members (Active, Associate, Life and Corporate) and Memberships must be current at the start of the financial year (8th March 2020). If you were not a financial member as at 8th March 2020 and you would like to participate in the footy tipping competition then please contact the membership team at QRI Lifestyle. Exclusions for Footy Tipping apply to Retired and Senior members. Feel free to contact us to upgrade your membership!


  • Must have maintained QRI Membership for a period of at least 12 months prior to 2021 footy tipping competition starting. In other words, you must have been a financial member as at 8th March 2020.
  • Members in the following classes are eligible to enter (Active, Associate, Life or Corporate)



1st $1000

2nd $400

3rd $300

4th $200

5th $100



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