About us

QRI Lifestyle is a leisure and lifestyle benefits program designed to save you money on everyday living as well as provide exclusive access to travel, hotel, dining, sports and entertainment discounts.


Originally established in 1894 as 'Queensland Railway Club and Library', QRI Lifestyle (Queensland Railways Institute) was created for the sole benefit of Queensland Rail Employees. While our membership is now open to anyone who wishes to join - we are still large supporters of rail employees throughout Queensland.

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Celebrating 125 Years of QRI Lifestyle

2019 marks one-and-a-quarter centuries of existence for our organisation. We’d like to say thank you to you - our members – for ensuring we achieved this milestone. Members have always been the heart and soul of QRI. It’s worth reflecting back to 1894 when a group of railway employees got together and formed a social club and book lending library. As time passed, the social club gained numbers and established its presence in all railway towns in Queensland. A name was given to the rapidly growing organisation - the Queensland Railways Institute. The QRI became synonymous in members minds with great days out, sporting carnivals, discounted goods and services and so much more. Our roots were in the social interaction of our members, bringing positive influences to their lives. Throughout the past century and beyond there have been numerous changes in the rail and transport industry. QRI, successfully re-branding to QRI Lifestyle, has adapted and moved with the times. We are proud to mark our 125th anniversary and will continue to deliver benefits and services to you – our members.



Helping Members Live More for Less

To serve our members to the best of our ability.


Honest & Reliable
Encouraging & Supportive
Learning and continuously improving
Progressive and responsive to members' needs
Friendly and personalised
Understanding and compassionate
Listening to members and their families


To help members and their families get the most out of their membership.




ABOUT QRI State Management Committee

The QRI Lifestyle State Management Committee oversees all operations, and has general control of the management and administration of all affairs, property and funds of the organisation.

The Committee is comprised of between eight to ten members who are elected every two years at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

Executive: consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer General

Committee: consists of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 members. The State Management Committee serves a term of two years, until the next election when members can re-stand for election. Members of the State Management Committee are required to attend various corporate and social events, regional branch tours, and other meetings of the association in an official capacity. State Management Committee members are required to be positive advocates of the organisation at all times and must act responsibly, diligently and with integrity.

Being part of the QRI Lifestyle State Management Committee is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience and the organisation encourages any member with relevant skills and experience to nominate in future election years.

2020 is an Election Year. Download a Nomination pack today!